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      How to start a journaling habit, our top tips

      How to start a journaling habit, our top tips

      There is countless evidence that journaling can improve your life. From clearing your mind and improving your memory to facilitating self-improvement, building your problem-solving skills and even improving healing! Seriously, a joint study by the University of Nottingham and the University of Auckland found a relationship between writing and healing wounds! Fascinating! Now we all know why journaling is important, how do we start? We’ve got you covered, with our top tips on how to start journaling!


      Tip 1 – Get a guided journal

      Anyone can pick up any piece of paper, but how do we know what to write? A guided journal will help give you direction and goals on what you can write about, helping you stir your creative juice and get those words on paper!


      Tip 2 – Find a regular time to journal

      Find a time in your day that you can set aside everyday to just journal your thoughts. It might only be 5 minutes, but that will help get you started and on your way to experiencing the benefits of keeping a journal. You could choose to journal in the morning while you sit with your coffee. Or maybe just before bed is more your thing, either way, set a reminder for yourself and stick to that time every day. You deserve it!


      Tip 3 – Tie it in with another habit to ‘habit bundle’

      If you regularly take a morning walk, maybe you can decide to journal everyday before you take your walk, or if you enjoy a tea before bed every day, perhaps then is a good time to bundle your journal habit. This way you can attach you new habit to an existing one you’ll be more likely to succeed! Cool huh?



      Tip 4 - Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

      Just relax and write. After all this just for you and no one else. Write whatever you want and just let the words flow. You’ll feel all the better for it!


      Ready to get started? See our range of our fun, guided journals here


      Images sourced from Pixabay

      Top 5 products you need to get ready for winter

      Top 5 products you need to get ready for winter

      The days are starting to get shorter, the temperature is starting to drop and we all know what that means, winter is coming! But fear not, there are ways you can prepare for the cold nights ahead with our top 5 recommended products to help you get cosy this winter and settle in 'til summer!

      1. Heat bag

      When the air starts to chill, there is nothing that warms you up better than a comforting heat bag. And we’re not talking the sweaty, smelly wheat bag variety. Beena Bright’s range of heat bag products are made with Australian grown lupins, meaning they won’t smell or sweat and they’re also lighter than your regular wheat bags! From neck wraps to straight up bags and back wraps our heat bags are sure to keep cozy as! As a bonus, they can also be put in the freezer for a cold pack, talk about win/win. Hello year-round versatility!

      1. Skin lotion

      Winter means cold air, which equals dry skin! Keep on top of the winter wrath with our luscious hand and body lotion. This stuff is made in Kangaroo Island and is seriously smooth and non-greasy. You can thank us later.

      1. Copper glasses

      Hello winter means hello red wine! Don’t just settle for boring old wine glasses though. Our copper glasses are a super stylish and fun way to enjoy when ‘el vino does flow’. You can also serve fancy cocktails in these bad boys, or heck drink your water out of them, maybe you’ll be more motivated to stay hydrated 😉

      1. Fire Pit

      Is there anything better than a campfire? Sharing stories and food around the crackle of a roaring fire is where memories are made! Not all fire pits are created equal though, so if you want quality that will last, look no further than our Australian made fire pits. These are crafted out of stainless steel, so they resist rust and with the right care can last decades! What's more is they're flat pack, so you can easily transport them on your next camping trip, plus they're super easy to set up.

      1. Puzzles

      When it’s cold outside sometimes all we want to do is curl in a ball and chill! When you’re over Netflix and chilling, look no further than our artist designed puzzles; They are the perfect way to just zen out and forget about the world outside. When you’re done, why not stick your masterpiece in a frame and enjoy your work for years to come! They're also perfect for enjoying with that glass of wine we mentioned earlier. 😉


      Hero image credit: JillWellington // Pixabay